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Mugs with humor – a favorite funny present for young people.

On such a mug can be depicted everything from the celestial tendrils, a tent with a house to the muzzle of a cartoon hero.

Such a present will amuse not only the present recipient, but also the donor.


Funny Mugs


Cups of coffe


Mugs Sold

A cup or coffee mug can be a great gift for friends or family. It can be made useful, from which it is really pleasant to drink an invigorating drink or conditionally useless, which serves to decorate the room. The original looks great mugs with knitted clothes. In just half an hour, you can tie a cup dress with one handle hole. The drink in such a container is kept warmer for longer, the mating gives a pleasant tactile sensation, and the properly selected color will lift the mood.

It is noticed that mugs and cups are the most popular present for any holiday to a person of any status. That is why in stores you can find such a huge variety of unusual in form and decor of mugs. Which ones are really functional, and which ones can only collect dust on the shelves?

A coffee mug can be painted with special paints for ceramics or glass. Using a solid simple pencil, apply a pattern on the surface of the mug. With a thin synthetic brush, draw a pattern and fill the desired areas with paint. Allow the paints to dry, then top can be varnished. In this way, you can leave any message to a loved one.