Lovely Gifting | Decorate mugs with sharpie pen
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Decorate mugs with sharpie pen

Decorate mugs with sharpie pen

The drawing goes off over time. It actually sounded too good to be true! According to the instructions, the cup should only dry properly after painting and then be “baked off” in the oven. I tried it with 2 different brands of sharpies and neither of them stayed well …

Decorate cups with a porcelain marker

After several failures, I bought an “official” porcelain marker. Then at least you know for sure that the drawings will be dishwasher proof. And to be honest, I am very pleased with the result: the black paint remains very good, even after several dishwashing sessions.
What do you need to draw on a mug?

black porcelain marker
white mugs
kitchen paper or tissue paper

The mugs first wash well and then clean with a little alcohol. Let it dry well and then you can start “drooping”. If you do not have any inspiration, on Pinterest there are plenty of examples. Search for “sharpie mosquito” and there is a world open to you;)

The alcohol is also useful for correcting mistakes. As you can see from the photo below, you can simply brush away the drawing with a paper handkerchief moistened with a little alcohol (if the drawing has not dried up yet). So do not get nervous if it does not work at once!

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