Lovely Gifting | Mother’s Day tip: personal mugs
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Mother’s Day tip: personal mugs

Mother’s Day tip: personal mugs

In my opinion, nothing is more fun than a personal gift. Sure a nice piece of jewelry or a new pan set is great, but when I see that someone has put time and something personal into a present, I am a little extra happy. This way of doing that is incredibly simple. You can adjust it completely to your taste and it is also very budget-proof.


– One or more stone mugs 
– Possibly another stone object like a tea bag bowl 
– A permanent marker 
– An oven 

The left mug and the tea bag holder are from Marskramer, the right mug is from Xenos. You can find mugs almost everywhere. In addition to these stores, you also have enough with Hema, V & D, Ikea, and so on. You can also get the permanent marker everywhere. My marker is from Hema.

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